Product type:
Wide band magnetotelluric station for field survey

Product description:
Wide band magnetotelluric station LEMI-423 is intended for the study of natural electromagnetic fluctuations in field conditions in wide temperature range. The station registers and digitizes automatically the data from 3 search-coil magnetometers and 2 electric channels and monitors the temperature of electronic unit. The electric channels include lightning protection unit, one of two its constructions differing by the way to connect electric lines (see photo) may be selected. The real time acquisition, recording and visualization of current and previously recorded data are executed in the external PC or in the Data Registration Unit (optional), to which digital data are transferred through USB port. The station operation is GPS synchronized.

Exploration of gas, oil and other deposits
Surveying deep Earth conductivity
Basic regional survey
Earthquakes monitoring

3 AC magnetic field sensors
2 telluric field channels
Wide frequency range (0.0001…1000) Hz
Satellite synchronization
Excellent temperature stability
Low noise level
All sensors are calibrated
Special software for real-time data acquisition and visualization
Digital USB interface
Two types of lightning protection units to select

Product image: (left to right)
3 induction sensors
Electronic unit
Lightning protection units
GPS antenna
Non-polarizing electrodes (optional)


Search-coil magnetometer

  • Frequency band | (0.0001-1000) Hz
  • Shape of transfer function | Linear-flat
  • Corner frequency | 1 Hz
  • Transfer factor at flat part (differential) | 200 mV/nT
  • Noise level:

at 0.001 Hz |<100 pT/√Hz

at 0.01 Hz |<10 pT/√Hz

at 1 Hz |<0.1 pT/√Hz

at 300 Hz |<0.01 pT/√Hz

  • Weight of one sensor | 5.8 kg
  • Output connectors type | MS3112E12-8S

Electric field meter

  • Frequency band (sample rate 4k) | (DC-1652) Hz
  • Measuring ranges (for measuring base 1 m): at gain=4 | ± 500 mV
  • Noise level at 1 Hz | 35 nV/√Hz
  • Non-polarized electrodes (optional) own noise at 1 Hz | < 10nV/√Hz

Electronic unit

  • Number of channels: Magnetic | 3, Telluric | 2
  • ADC, bit | 32
  • SD card volume | 32GB
  • Sample rate per second | 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k
  • Power supply voltage | (9-18) V
  • Power consumption (with three induction coils) | 1.7 W
  • Weight | 2 kg
  • Operation temperature range | minus 20° to +60°C
  • Waterproof  housing
  • Input connectors type (for induction coils connection) | MS3112E12-8S

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