Product type:
3-C Autonomous magnetometer for seafloor application

Product description:
High resolution
Low temperature offset
Tilt angles measurement
Full automatic compensation
RS – 232 output
Timing by internal clock
Internal flash memory
Convenience of installation and service

Application description:
LEMI-301 vector magnetometer is produced on the base of fluxgate sensor, all three components of which are implemented into one body. Non-magnetic housing and minimal magnetism of components enable the instrument to be implemented as a monoblock construction where the electronic unit is placed close to the sensor. Automatic compensator provides convenient compensation of the initial field offset and reading of full value (6 digits) of the measured field. Timing by internal clock provides high accuracy synchronisation of data. The internal flash memory can provide long-term autonomous data storage. The system also has two-axes tilt measurement. Using the developed software it allows to reduce the magnetometer data collected in randomly oriented coordinate system to the data in the frame system connected with geomagnetic coordinates.

Low noise

Product image:


  • Resolution | (0.1 nT)
  • Full measuring range | (± 65000 nT)
  • Bandpass | (DC-0.3 Hz)
  • Noise level in the frequency band 0.1 – 1 Hz, rms | (
  • Sample interval of data storage | (1,5,10,60 s)
  • Sensor orthogonality error | (
  • Temperature drift | (
  • Maximal operation depth | (200 m)
  • Operating temperature range | (0 … 40 ° C)
  • Power consumption | (less 1.5 VA)
  • Weight: waterproof housing | (10 kg)
  • Weight: electronic unit with sensor | < (1 kg)
  • Tiltmeter characteristic: Resolution | (0.3 grad)
  • Tiltmeter characteristic: Dynamic range | (± 30 grad)

Additional Information: