Product type:
Vector magnetometer calibration system

Product description:
Coil system parameters
1.1 Coil constants:
X-direction nT/mA 84.8;
Y-direction nT/mA 96.5;
Z-direction nT/mA 73,9.
Accurate values measured after installation.
1.2 Coil orthogonality.
Angles between the magnetic directions measured after installation.
Design accuracy better than ±1 minute of arc in a sphere of 30 cm diameter.
1.3 Coil homogeneity.
Design accuracy is better than 10-5 in a sphere of 30 cm diameter.

Application description:
Vector magnetometer Calibration System is intended for the calibration of different types of vector magnetometers positioned inside the three-components coil system. Calibration System supports high accuracy regulation and measurement of currents in the coils and high precision magnetic fields in the magnetic sensor volume correspondingly, measurement and recording of the corresponding magnetometer readings for each component both for analog and digital output according to the input data file, in manual or in automatic mode. The system performs the correction of natural magnetic field variations as well as temperature correction of own parameters. As a result of calibration procedure the following parameters are calculated with special software and printed to the Test Certificate:transformation coefficients;angles between the magnetometer components axes;angles between the axes of magnetometer and axes of the coils;angle and transformation factor correction matrix for tested magnetometer;zero offsets;linearity errors.

The special thermal tests subsystem is available intended for the
automatic determination of thermal dependency factors of both electronic and sensor of the tested magnetometer.

Design accuracy is better

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  • Parameters of electronic units
  • Ranges of currents measurement and control, by each component ±2
  • Relative error of currents measurement and control, % <0.01
  • Temperature error of reference resistors with temperature
  • Regulation time for the current in one coil component, sec <2
  • Regulation time for the current in one coil component, sec <2
  • Regulation range of thermal test subsystem, °C
  • Discrepancy between given and real temperature in the whole range, °C ±0.5
  • Maximal speed of heating, °C/hour 10
  • Weight:control electronics (scaling amplifiers and pre-amplifiers) | (3kg)
  • Weight:reference resistors | (3.5)
  • Weight: thermal subsystem | (4.0)
  • Weight: heater unit | (9.5)
  • Power supply | ( 220V AC, 50Hz)
  • Power consumption | (350 W)