Product type:
Induction coil magnetometer

Product description:
The LEMI-121 induction coil magnetometer features high sensitivity and low noise combined with a very small form factor. The optimized feed-back design ensures excellent signal-to-noise ratio for exact measurements. Strengthened rugged housing and output connector prolong sensor active lifetime and increase overall reliability. Low power consumption and wide frequency range allow long term measurements at remote sites.

Application description:
Its small dimensions and light weight makes the LEMI-121induction coil magnetometer the ideal sensor for magnetotelluric studies in remote locations. Intended for the study of magnetic field fluctuations in the frequency band 0.0001-500 Hz it can be used in areas where the use of LEMI-120 induction coil magnetometers is not possible or as vertical sensor in locations were deep holes are not an option. LEMI-121 induction coil magnetometer can be used both autonomously with any state of the art analog registration unit or as a part of geophysical equipment, e.g., magnetotelluric stations.

Wide frequency range: 0.0001 Hz to 500 Hz
Low power consumption
Only 560 mm long
Weights only 4 kg
Very low noise

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  • Frequency range: 0.0001 Hz to 500 Hz
  • Transformation factor in linear part ( 0.0001 – 1 Hz): f*200 mV/nT
  • Transformation factor in flat part (1 – 1000 Hz): 200 mV/nT
  • Noise: at 0.001 Hz: ≤ 600 pT/√Hz
  • Noise: at 0.1 Hz: ≤ 5 pT/√Hz
  • Noise: at 100 Hz: ≤0.05 pT/√Hz
  • Current consumption: ±14 mA
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Length: 560 mm
  • Diameter: 85 mm

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