Product type:
Induction coil magnetometer

Product description:
The LEMI-120 is a broadband land induction coil magnetometer that was developed to measure variations of the Earth’s magnetic field, particularly for applications in Magnetotellurics (MT) and Controlled Source Audio Magnetotellurics (CSAMT). It is intended for the study of magnetic field fluctuation for frequencies ranging between 0.0001 and 1,000 Hz in land conditions. In spite of its wide bandwidth, the LEMI-120 induction coil magnetometer has outstanding low-noise characteristics, extremely low temperature drift of input offset voltage and offset current as well as a very stable transfer function over both temperature and time.

The LEMI-120 features extremely low noise as well as frequency and dynamic ranges making it the perfect choice for a major variety of geophysical applications. A state of the art modulator-demodulator, preamplifier with low power consumption, and a differential output ensures that the sensor may be used with any acquisition station providing the distance is less than 200 meters.

Waterproof and rugged the LEMI-120 is ready for use right after switching on.

Application description:
LEMI-120 induction coil magnetometers are used for measurements of magnetic field variations in the frequency range from 0.0001 to 1,000 Hz. Their wide bandwidth and low noise make them the ideal sensor for magnetotelluric measurements.

Lowest noise in class. Only 1340 mm long. Low power consumption, twice the battery life of other commercially available coils. Wide frequency range (0.0001 – 1,000 Hz)
Wide range of power supply voltage ±6 V to ±15 V
Low power consumption. More than twice the battery life of MFS-06
Wide bandwidth 0.0001 Hz to 1000 Hz
Weights only 5.7 kg

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  • Frequency range: 10000 sec to 1000 Hz
  • Noise level @ 0.001 Hz: ≤ 100 pT/√Hz
  • Noise level @ 0.01 Hz: ≤ 10 pT/√Hz
  • Noise level @ 1 Hz: ≤ 0.1 pT/√Hz
  • Noise level @ 100 Hz: ≤ 0.01 pT/√Hz
  • Transformation factor @ 0.0001 – 1 Hz: 200*f mV/nT
  • Transformation factor @ 1 – 1000 Hz: 200 mV/nT
  • 3 dB points of frequency band: 1 Hz, 1000 Hz
  • Power consumption: 225 mW
  • Power supply voltage: ±6 V to ±15 V
  • Connector: Standard 8 pin MS3112E12-8S
  • Operating temperature range: -10 °C to 50 °C
  • Construction material: Waterproof fiberglass housing
  • Length: 1340 mm
  • Diameter: 85 mm
  • Weight: 5.7 kg

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