Product type:
Fluxgate magnetometer

Product description:
High resolution and accuracy
3 magnetic channels, 2 tilt channels, atmospheric pressure and temperature channels
Low power consumption
512 MB removable FLASH memory card
Satellite synchronization
4-lines digital display
Analog and RS-232 outputs
Magnetic sensor with leveling facilities
Waterproof plastic case

Application description:
LEMI-017 digital seven component MMS (three magnetic + 2 tilt + atmospheric pressure + temperature channels) is intended for the measurement of natural magnetic field components and their variations in laboratory and field conditions, atmospheric pressure and air temperature. Its major advantages are very low temporal drift and high accuracy of measurements, what makes it especially efficient for long term monitoring. The magnetometer is produced on the base of flux-gate sensor, all three components of which are implemented in the same thermostable housing. The pressure meter is based on precise tensoresistive sensor produced by industry. The temperature meter is made on the base of thermoresistor. The electronic unit allows acquisition, processing and storage of data about magnetic field variations, pressure, temperature and tilt in internal memory and their transmission to the computer via RS-232 interface. Built-in GPS receiver provides satellite synchronization of the internal clock and the coordinates of the MMS location. MMS operation algorithm allows organizing both autonomous and synchronous operation of a set of the MMS installed at the studied area. Low magnetism of all components allows the magnetic sensor operating conveniently close to the electronic unit.

Very low temporal and thermal drift
Low noise

Product image:



  • Three component magnetometer
  • Magnetic field measurement range for each component
  • Noise density at 1Hz frequency less than
  • Frequency band
  • Temperature non-stability
  • Long-term non-stability
  • Magnetic sensors non-orthogonality error less than
  • Pressure meter
  • Atmospheric pressure measurement range
  • Temperature meter
  • Temperature measurement range
  • Temperature measurement error
  • Two component tilt meter
  • Tilt measurement range
  • Tilt measurement error
  • Sample rate
  • Removable FLASH memory card
  • Power consumption less than

Additional Information: